The Expanse has now left its viewers hanging for the best part of one year to learn what happens after the 4th season finals, but the news of the Amazon series is a positive one. The fifth season is on its way to the year’s end, and the latest Season 5 trailer shows the courtesy of Marco Inaros for Armageddon.

The fifth-year of The Expanse will be debuting on Amazon on Wednesday, 16 December, and the promising new trailer right down here:

What’s New in Season 5?

With the trailer, Amazon discloses the future of The Belt. The life of exploitation and inequality has culminated in Armageddon being fought by Marco Inaros, and not just this complot is being confronted by the returning protagonists in Season 5.

In the fifth season, a significant number of people flee the solar system for new lives, families, and resources outside the alien ring and the hundreds of years of the colonization of the belt are now on course.

Meanwhile, for Rocinante and the representatives of the Inner Planets and the Belt, history and present intersect leading to new personal issues that have a huge impact on the solar system.

This leads to new obstacles. While Amos returns home to face his past, Naomi reaches out to her son to try to take him from the influence of his aunt, amid his odd feelings.

The fall of Mars is like a failure, prompting Alex and Bobbie to join a cabal tied to criminals and terrorists. Holden has to face with the aliens who created and destroyed the Protomolecule the repercussions of his plot. Avasarala fights with an unprecedented terrorist attack and tries to run from her life with a new crew.

Even the Expanse season 5 does ultimately not encourage audiences to slip away! Although the hiatus is triggered by the actor CasAnvar, the trailer showed it could have been money if he portrayed season five as “the best” Wes Chatham ever did.


The fifth season will last for ten episodes, but in 2019 they will not all be released at once, as with Season 4. Like The Boys, on the first three series, the remainder of the seven is released every week on Wednesdays. On December 16, fans may count on the premiere of the Episodes 1-3, and on February 3, 2021, the final of the Season 5.

So stay tuned with us and enjoy reading.


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