All Updates For The Upcoming Japanese Movie Anata No Ban Desu!!

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Anata no Ban Desu, also known as Your Time to Kill, is all set to hit the screens with Harada Tomoyo and Tanaka Kei as lead actors. You must be thinking that Anata no Ban Desu is heard somewhere then yes you are right. It was already aired before as a drama in 2019 and now it is coming in the form of a movie. 

More about Anata No Ban Desu!!

Anata no Ban Desu was a hit Japanese drama that made history and secured the first rank on the Twitter trend. The drama also had a second season due to its immense popularity. The first season of the drama had 10 episodes that were aired weekly on NTV Network. Being a mixed genre drama it gained a lot of fans and viewers. The second season also had 10 episodes aired weekly on Hulu and NTV Network. 

Anata No Ban Desu coming as a movie!!

If you have already seen the drama and you are thinking that the movie will be just like the story of drama then you are wrong. Sources have reported that the movie will have a story that will take the viewers to a parallel universe. Directed by Noriyoshi Sakuma and written by Akimoto Yasushi, the movie will be seen in 2021 and will be named Your Turn to Kill. 

Release date and cast for the upcoming Japanese movie!!

It is assumed that we will get the chance to watch the movie somewhere in December 2021. However, there is no announcement for any official release date and as the production work for the movie has already started we can hope to get a glimpse of the movie soon.

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The cast of the movie will be the same as that of the drama. We will see the main cast Harada Tomoyo playing the role of Tezuka Nana and Tanaka Kei to play Tezuka Shota. Both the actors are well known in the Japanese industry and they have been showing their talent through their work without taking a break. 

If we talk about the genre of the movie then it can be said that we will witness romance and suspense along with crime and investigation. We will also get to see some new mysteries in the story.

We know that the Anata No Ban Desu fans are very much excited about the movie and we will keep you updated with all the official information. Stay tuned with us and enjoy reading.


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