All updates for the upcoming season of the Criminal Minds!!

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A popular American crime drama, packed with thrill, action, and mysteries, Criminal Minds, started back in 2005 and its last season aired in 2020. Although it did not gain the same appreciation as the last team due to which it has lost its charm over the years. 

Release Date for the upcoming season!!

It’s been a year, and fans are waiting for the release of the next season. Producer Paramount+ and co-producers CBS Studios and ABC Signature shared that this season is still in a very early stage and it is difficult to assume a release date for now. It is still in TBA and it will take at least a year to get the final release date for Season 16 as the project is still in the planning stage. Fans shouldn’t get too excited as it is not confirmed whether the reboot is going to happen or not as it has faced many scandals and controversies.

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The cast for the 16th season of Criminal Minds!!

Along with the same old characters, some new characters can be seen in this season. It is still very early to provide a confirmed cast list for now. Moreover, it is difficult to guess which characters are going to return and which new ones will be added. Since it is in an early stage, nothing can be confirmed for now. But it is confirmed that fans are going to miss their favorite character Gracia for sure in the upcoming season. If Paramount could get back Shemar Moore, who played Derek Morgan then the series will become a must-watch. 

Expected plot for the 16th season!!

Paramount is working hard to bring back the falling series as it is one of the most popular licensed series streaming on Netflix having an international audience, and they want to regain its popularity among the audience. For now, all that we can say is that it is going to be a mini-series that might bring up more seasons in the future. Since it has seen multiple ugly scandals, some of its original cast members sailed out of the project. Over the years, it has lost its popularity and it has almost become a fading show, so it is hard to expect a lot from this. 

Fans can just hope for a powerful come with a mind-boggling plot this time. Stay tuned with us and enjoy reading about your favorite shows.


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