All you need to know about the “Superman and Lois” TV series!!


Superman and Lois is an upcoming American superhero drama series developed by Greg Berlanti and Todd Helbing. The series is based on Clark Kent (Superman) and his journalist wife, Lois Lane, DC Comic characters. The series is all about the life and struggles of Clark and Lois. It is set in the Arrowverse and shares continuity with the other series from Greg Berlanti’s franchise. 

The project was already planned and started in October 2019. On 14th January 2020, CW officially stated that it was going to be a TV series. The shoot was supposed to be on 23rd March 2020, but due to the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus, it got rescheduled for July. The shooting finally started on 21st October 2020. The first is going to have only 15 episodes and it will be decided afterward whether to continue with another season or not. 


The show is all about the life of Clark and Lois as they return to their Smallville with their family, i.e., children Jordan and Jonathan. There they get reacquainted with Clark’s old friend, Lana Lang, and her husband, Kyle Cushing. Children also make friends with Sarah, Lang’s daughter. 

The couple faces many problems and fights together against The Stranger, who is against Superman and intends to prove that the world doesn’t need Superman anymore. 

The trailer is already out setting fans’ excitement on fire.


  • Tyler Hoechlin is portraying Clark Kent a.k.a Superman. He is also seen before as Superman in the “Supergirl” series.
  • Elizabeth Tulloch is playing the role of the wife, Lois Jane, who is a journalist working for the “Daily Planet” newspaper.
  • Jordan Elsass is in the character of Jonathan Kent, the modest and kind-hearted son. He is a rising Hollywood star.
  • Alexander Garfin will be seen playing Jordan Kent, the intelligent son who suffered from social anxiety but enjoys playing video games alone.
  • IndeNavarratte will be seen as Sarah Cushing.
  • Emmanuelle Chriqui as Lana Lang (Clark’s old friend).
  • Erik Valdez as Kyle Cushing (Lana’s husband).
  • Wole Parks as The Stranger.

Release Date

The first episode will be out on 23rd February 2021 on your TV screens on The CW. A new episode will be on Tuesday every week. There will be 15 episodes each with a play-time of 41-47 minutes.

Stay tuned with us for more updates and enjoy reading.


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