In the light of a significant boost for ‘Viking’ fans from Netflix, after a series of encouraging attempts by COVID-19, the sequel to iconic historical drama has restarted production in Ireland.

The shootings at Ashford Studios resumed yesterday after it was halted at the start of this week, called ‘Vikings: Valhalla.’ Since it was discovered that these were false positives, the production restarted. The series was assembled by MGM and tested several times a week by extensive research and testing.

Vikings is a historic TV series focused on Icelandic natives who have trusted in the Northern Gods. Created and written on the history canal by Michael Hirst, and embraced by Netflix, the show was followed by the rise, from simple farmers to the flags of England and France, of the iconic Viking Ragnar Lothbrok.

The exhibition was captured in Ireland and the first season of 2013 was unveiled. As a writer and executive manufacturer, Hirst and MGM Television were told in January 2019 of Vikings’ spin-off season, but not much of it was discussed with Jeb Stuart. After being the focus of the Bidding Battle, Netflix ended up in a reportedly costly contract with three big streaming services.

The release date for the sequel of The Vikings

Vikings: Valhalla still has no scheduled release date and since this is still in early production, it is expected to take a while for viewers to explore the new characters of the leading series.

Around 4 December 2019 and 5 February 2020, the first ten episodes of Vikings season 6 will take place and the second half early in 2020. Viking: in November to December 2021 or early 2022, Valhalla will arrive unless the audience wishes to offer a longer break between the shows.

Season 7, what to expect?

Part 2 of Stage 6 will most probably take up where Part 1, after being stabbed by Ivan, and after the future of Floki as he sits at the Kattegat throne, tell us the fate of Bjorn.

In the earlier years of the story, Ragnar Lothbrok and the Scandinavian King became more and more popular and became a simple farmer and a legend. Later the series also follows Ragnar’s sons in England and Scandinavia on their travels and conquests.


Vikings are still in early development, but viewers do not hope to see any of the features of the main series in the sequel several years after the Vikings events during season 6. Interesting is how the exploits and legends of the Viking characters impact those in Vikings which contain as much action (and blood) as their predecessor.

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