All your Questions About Buck And The Preacher Full Movie Download Answered

All your Questions About Buck And The Preacher Full Movie Download Answered

About the Movie Buck And The Preacher

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Buck and the Preacher is an American Western 1972 film, produced by Ernest Kinoy and directed by Sidney Poitier, released by Columbia Pictines. Poitier stars with Harry Belafonte and Ruby Dee in the movie as well. This is the first movie directed by Sidney Poitier.

The New York Times’ Vincent Canby said that Poitier ‘showed skill to make his most majestic films lack a simple, unattended, wilderness humour.’ In the late 19th century, this film broke the western conventions of Hollywood, playing Black actors as central characters and depicting conflict and unity among African Americans and Native Americans.

In the movie soundtrack consisting of the great jazz band Benny Carter, great blues musicians Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee and Don Frank Brooks played.

All your Questions About Buck And The Preacher Full Movie Download Answered
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Buck And The Preacher Movie Plot Details

In the late 1860s, Buck and the Preacher followed a former soldier named Buck (Sidney Poitier) on the territory of Kansas just after the American Civil War while driving African-American trains from Louisiana West into the uninhabited Kansas territories. Buck is negotiating in the region with the Native Americans to ensure a safe passage and food for his company.

He pays them, and they will allow him to kill a small number of bison to eat and travel through their land as soon as possible. He pays them. A group of aggressive white men in Louisiana were hired to take railways and settlements to either frighten or destroy the African American cars back to Louisiana or kill them.

By placing a pit at home, the raiders try to kill Buck. But he fled, Ruth (Ruby Dee) warned by his wife. In-flight, he is likely to cross the shady preacher, Reverend Willis Oaks Rutherfordi (Harry Belafonte), who pressures the Reverend to change horses. Although the preacher wanted initially to get even with Buck, after seeing the flesh that the white raiders inflict upon African American travellers, he changes his mind and decides to work with Buck.

Buck, Ruth and the Preacher are doing everything possible to get west of the car, including ambushing the brothels of some of the raiders, robbing a bank and taking the entire band of raiders going against them when necessary.

All your Questions About Buck And The Preacher Full Movie Download Answered
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Buck And The Preacher Movie Cast Details

  • Sidney Poitier is Buck
  • Harry Belafonte is The Preacher
  • Ruby Dee is Ruth
  • Cameron Mitchell is Deshay
  • Denny Miller is Floyd
  • Nita Talbot is Madame Esther
  • John Kelly is Sheriff
  • Tony Brubaker is Headman
  • Bobby Johnson is Man Who Is Shot
  • James McEachin is Kingston
  • Clarence Muse is Cudjo
  • Lynn Hamilton is Sarah
  • Doug Johnson is Sam
  • Errol John is Joshua
  • Jullie Robinson is Sinsie
  • Enrique Lucero is the Indian chief

Buck And The Preacher Movie Production

Buck and the Preacher was part of a group of African Americans who fought the White majority, one of the first films directed by an African American. It was produced by Belafonte Enterprise, Columbia Pictures Corporation, and E&R Productions Corp. Poitier directed the movie. The movie was shot both in Durango, Mexico and Kenya. It was published in 1972 in the US.

Initially, Poitier did not become the film director. Because of the differences he had with some of the cast Joseph Sargent, known for being a Western director, quit the project. Although this was his first film, Poitier took over the position of director. The filming of Poitier took 45 days, and during the shooting, he produced the film The Organization he starred.

All your Questions About Buck And The Preacher Full Movie Download Answered
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As to how Poitier was directing, he said, “For the first time, I rolled my camera. I tell you, a calm came upon me after three or four of the first scene. Confidence rose in my entire body. And I had a touch for this modern art for many, many years, as green as I was for, which I courted from a distance.

There are also two main themes in the movie that happen to be Civil Rights and Exoduxters. Articles relating to civil rights can be seen in the film. There are many symbolic similarities between the storyline of the film and the principal principles of the 1960s Movement for Civil Rights.

African Americans moved to Kansas in 1879 to pursue jobs and new lives far from the south in Mississippi, Louisiana and Tennessee after the Civil War. They are called “Exodusters.” The movie has received praises among the public and must watch for all who wish to know more about our history and the background.



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