Altered Carbon Season 3 Expected Release Date, What Will Be Cast? And Is There A New Cast?


Welcome back, reader. We are glad you are here to know about the Altered Carbon season 3. You have landed on the right page. So Whaddup? Shall we start without wasting much time?

This show is inspired by Richard K Morgan’s story with the same name. Streaming biggie Netflix’s Altered Carbon is one of the best shows they have presented to us. The Altered Carbon received immense applause from the fans and critics equally which is definitely one of the greatest achievements for a T. V show. It consists of a strong story plot with added complications presented with better cinematography and exceptional acting skills by the leads. We have already watched two seasons which consist of 9 episodes each and gained popularity within a short span. The pilot episode was landed in 2018 and early this year, the second season was released.

Altered Carbon: What we know 

It is set in a distant future wherein a world is full of memories and consciousness is stored in equipment named stacks. These equipment are fixed in sleeves to function and you don’t die until the stacks are functioning properly. The whole show is focused on a mercenary Takeshi Kovacs who will be the sole survivor in the rebel gang. The story takes interesting when he start adventuring to learn about his lost love. It will not be surprising that season 3 will take off from where season 2 has ended by giving us more clarity on the dystopian world. 

Altered Carbon Season 3 Expected Release Date, What Will Be Cast? And Is There A New Cast?

Altered Carbon Season 3: release 

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you an accurate date as officials are yet to confirm the same due to pandemic stress affected globally. However, you bet season 3 is happening and we may expect it to release it around early 2022. I know, that’s a long wait… 

Altered carbon: cast and characters 

There are no official announcements related to new casts, although, Anthony Mackie expressed his request to reprise his character. If rumors are to be believed, season 3 will be playing a new character portraying Kovacs. The protagonist Chris Connor will doubtlessly play as Poe along with other star casts Simone Missick, Dina Shihabi, Renee Goldsberry will add more icing on the cake. 

What more to talk about? We get it.

 The only disappointment, fans have to deal to wait for so long to feature season 3 on the silver screen. No worries, re-watch the two stunning shows again and meanwhile, we will come back with some hot news to make you happy stay tuned folks.


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