Always a Witch Season: Latest Updates You want Would Want To Know


Who hasn’t heard the stories about fairies and witches in their childhood and many still believe in them? It becomes all the more interesting with the teenage charterers dealing with potions and magic. Harry Potter series and its popularity is a testimony to the love and admiration towards stories woven around witches and their world. Always a Witch by Mateo Spielberg and Liliana Bocanegra as the executives has seen two successful seasons and are eagerly waited for another season.

Though there are no official statements from the production house about Always a Witch season 3, but majorly as of now, anything would depend upon the works of writers Isidora Chacon and Ana Maria Parra. Season 2 of Always a Witch was there on our screens on 28th February 2020 but it did not see a good reception by the critics. 

Even though it has definitely found its way dancing into the hearts of many audiences and has a special viewership too. But no one knows that possibly we might get to see a season 3 too. So let’s not lose hope and keep our fingers crossed.

Always a Witch Season: Latest Updates You want Would Want To Know

The fanfare would include cast as Angely Gaviria will look as Carmen, Cristina Warner will function as Isabel de Aranoa, Lenard Vanderaa will probably be playing as Cristobal De Aranoa, Carlos Quintero will do the role of León, and Sebastian will soon be linking as Esteban. As the season makes it progress, it was perceived by many that the story is all about authority in sex and race issues, is positively sanguine, and how a Black Latin woman gets empowered. One of the most complicated and characterized by the subdued shades of expression is Carmen Eguiluz who is also a black witch. Always a Witch will be more around the Afro Latin Ethnic group. 

As two seasons have freaking thrilled us, we can expect if there is a season 3 how much more we will enjoy the same. Another reason which makes a more logical sense of Netflix not renewing the series could be the prevailing situation of the Corona Virus pandemic which has put all projects and work on hold till indefinite times. Let’s be optimistic about everything the way our series is.


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