The panel of judges will feature Jimmy Carr, ‘Britain’s Got Talent Judge,’ Alison Hammond, ‘This Morning’ Roving Reporter, along with a pop star, a new one each week for the forthcoming BBC singing competition.

‘I Can See The Voice’ – Paddy McGuinness is about to face – has two players struggling to visualize who can or cannot sing in a songbird party. 

But the “bad” singer could win a money reward by syncing his way up to two bottoms if the competitors guess incorrectly. They go head-to-head with the famous guest to show whether they can sing or not.

How did it start?

Amanda, 49, says, ‘’I saw first-hand how acts would shock you with unbelievable voices during my many years as a judge. I believe I have one of the best pairs of eyes to find talent on stage, on television, and on radio, so masquerades have to up their game to trick me!’’ 

Jimmy said, ‘’ I think that what we all need is a dumb, insane, and fun hour of the tally. And it’s not more dumb, insane, or fun than that.’

The 8-part series has been translated into a popular South Korean style. It has been renovated in 10 different countries in Australia and the US.

Alison said that she will be too much fun and she is glad to be a part of it. She also said that she is a good judge and she can recognize the one who sings and who deserves the prize.

The judges aid all players by pronouncing who could fake them and who is singing actually.


Amanda Holden, Jimmy Carr, and Alison Hammond have been confirmed for judging BBC One’s new reality competitions. 

The masked singer I Can See Your Voice has been adapted from South Korea with two rivals trying to figure out whether a mystery group of acting artists (supported by a well-known trio can or cannot) can sing. Set to contend against the hit The ITV. 

Until one is left, the group is restricted. If they’ve got a strong singer, the two nominees will win the trophy.

So what are your choices when it comes to judging the reality competitions? Share your view with us and stay connected for more information.


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