Amazon Listing Points to Red Dead Redemption Remaster

Amazon Listing Points to Red Dead Redemption Remaster
Amazon Listing Points to Red Dead Redemption Remaster

Red Dead Redemption is a 2010 western survival game set in the 1910s where a player plays the character of a gunslinger, John Marston, who is on a mission to rescue his wife, Abigail Marston, and his son, Jack Marston, from the government after they are taken hostage due to the illegal influence of an opposition gang, Van Der Linde lead by Dutch.

You can find the game here- 

The game seems to have gotten a sequel. But there was no official announcement regarding it and instead, it seems to have appeared directly for purchase on Amazon! Many have assumed that it may be a leak. 

But on the downside, you can’t actually preorder the game yet. Once you click the link, you are redirected to the search page for a bunch of games releasing on December 10, 2020 (like Cyberpunk 2077). 

If the game does release on 10 December it would be an eventful day for the gaming community as the Game Awards 2020 and many other amazing games release in the same day.

In 2018, Rockstar released Red Dead Redemption II, a prequel set 12 years before John’s wife and son are kidnapped. In this game, players control a new character named Arthur Morgan, a member of the Van Der Linde gang along with John, Abigail, and Jack.

The game ends with Arthur dying before helping John escape from the law, and the epilogue establishes the Marston family’s post-outlaw life before teasing the events that lead up to the next game, i.e, the 2011 release.

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