Amazon Prime Is Using BSG’s Number Six to Advertise a Low-Budget Cyborg Movie

Amazon Prime Is Using BSG's Number Six to Advertise a Low-Budget Cyborg Movie

The Amazon Prime Video listing for Omega Doom is using an image of Tricia Helfer’s Number Six from Battlestar Galactica to advertise the film.

After being tagged by an individual on Twitter who noticed the image, Helfer tweeted, “Wait, what?!?! Um…[Amazon Prime Video] really?  Please change this or [Peacock] [Syfy] might have an issue with you using one of their character’s images for a different show.” CBR also independently confirmed Helfer’s image appears on the film’s Amazon Prime Video listing on both Apple TV and Google Chrome.

Omega Doom is a 1997 sci-fi film starring Rutger Hauer, Shannon Whirry and Norbert Weisser. According to the description, “In the post-holocaust world, mankind was defeated by his own machines [sic] is now populated and controlled by cyborgs carrying sharpened sticks and laser boomerangs.


Omega Doom (Rutger Hauser) is one such cyborg. He is programmed to destroy everything that moves until a sharp blow to the head causes a short and makes him want to help the planet’s few remaining human beings regain control.”

Helfer, who does not appear in Omega Doom, is best known in the sci-fi community for playing Number Six in the second incarnation of Battlestar Galactica. Number Six is one of the 12 Cylon models, and there are several versions of the character.

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