AMC Theatres Staying Open Despite Regal Closing


You can enjoy films on the big screen once again…

Earlier in the month, the second-largest cinema chain, Regal Cinemas announced that they will remain temporarily shut due to the pandemic. 7000 movie screens across 536 locations will remain shut despite reopening for two months. This decision affects more than 40,000 employees that work for the subsidiary under the Cineworld Group. 

As the world copes to live with the coronavirus outbreak following the safety guidelines and protocols, restaurants and malls are now beginning to open. Among all these changes, theatres too are beginning to reopen in various locations. Theatre chains such as Cinemark and Marcus Theatres are one such franchise that will reopen among many. 

AMC Theatre Continues to Remain Open:

As the largest theatre chain in the US and the world, AMC will remain open. The theatres began reopening in various capacities in various locations two months ago. 

The decision comes as a surprise for many since this year will see only one blockbuster film, Wonder Woman: 1984. After seeing Christopher Nolan’s TENET perform poorly at the box office, the producers aren’t willing to bet their bottom dollar. 

Marvel’s Black Widow too was delayed to see a May 2021 theatrical release. Along with films such as No Time To Die and Dune fleeing to 2021.

This doesn’t mean there is absolutely nothing to watch. A lot of films will continue with their set release date. The theatres also playing films that induce nostalgia, such as Hocus Pocus that saw earned $2 million this weekend.

There are also talks for rates to increase in order to compensate for the loss incurred but no official statement has been released regarding this.

Films Expected to Release This Week:

Despite a lot of films, especially highly anticipated blockbusters, that delayed their release date to later in the year or next year, there do remain a lot of films that are slated to hit the big screens in the coming weekends.

Robert De Niro and Uma Thurman starrer The War with Grandpa, Ruby Rose-Jean Reno’s The Doorman are among some of the films that are expected to have theatrical release tomorrow. 

Film delays:

The entire film industry took a backseat with the theatres remaining shut. Anticipated blockbusters such as Avatar II, The Beatles: Get Back, Wonder Woman 1984, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Mission: Impossible 7, Morbius, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, A Quiet Place II and Candyman were delayed to later years. 

Many films saw digital release instead of a theatrical one such as Mulan, Capone, Trolls World Tour, The King of Staten Island, Lovebirds, etc.


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