American Dad’s Matt Weitzman Reflects on 300th Episode

American Dad's Matt Weitzman Reflects on 300th Episode
American Dad's Matt Weitzman Reflects on 300th Episode

It’s always good to see you again. Hello reader, here is a piece of news we have for you about how ‘American Dad’s Matt Weitzman Reflects on 300th Episode, come and have a look at the details.

You must have heard the name of this animated show called ‘American Dad’ as it has been existing since 2005 with a total of 17 seasons and 297 episodes. It has backed an IMDb of 7.3/10 and is loved by the audience completely.

The show is airing for 17th season and is about to complete 300 episodes and this is what Matt Weitzman, one of the creators of the show, has to say about it.

What Matt Weitzman has got to say?

This is what Matt said about the 300th Episode of ‘American Dad’, in an interview.

Matt expressed how grateful he was for this journey they had with the show till now and said that it’s a freaking miracle that they made it tell here because they didn’t plan about it and it also seemed impossible back when they started creating the show.

He continued saying that you don’t simply create a show and think about making it reach the mark of 300 episodes, it takes a lot of time, hard work, patience and determination to do that. And hence he expresses his gratitude to come this long.

Matt also recalled the time when he was super excited and joyful to make the 2nd season of the show and now while making the 17th season, he feels insanely amazing and considers reaching this milestone of the 300th episode a complete blessing.

Here is the link of the official twitter account of ‘American Dad’, click below and follow them up to catch all the future updates of the show without any delays.

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