American Horror Story: Every Time Ryan Murphy Spoiled The Ending


If you’re a die-hard horror fan and what to know if there is any horror series that you can watch this weekend, then check out American Horror Story.

So far, the horror series has completed nine seasons, and with each season, it’s popularity is rising as well. If we look back at past seasons, Ryan Murphy has always included every season with an opening sequence that spoils its ending. 

Now, fans are going insane for season 10, which is speculated to release next year. So this is the best time to look back at some of the obvious spoilers that the creators added in the opening of the seasons. So let us go through the opening sequence of the series that included spoilers about how the season would possibly end.

  1. AHS: Murder House (Season 1)

In 2011, American Horror Story made its first debut with a good plotline, where Harmon Family moves into a haunted house, which is a sight to numerous murders. Later on, the family finds themselves into trouble when Vivien Harmon (Connie Britton) becomes pregnant.

Viewers could see jars filled with body parts and formaldehyde, and when the skeletons appear, it means the end of their family.

In the season finale, the first one to die is Violet (Taissa Farmiga), then Vivien, who dies during childbirth. Later on, Ben Harmon’s (Dylan McDermott) mistress named Hayden kills him when he tries to leave with his son.

Three skeletons again appear at the end of the season, which are facing one another. Ryan Murphy showed the spoiler that even after trying to flee, the Harmons never escape the haunted house.

  1. AHS: Coven

Season 3’s ending got spoiled in the most obvious ways. Every member of the Coven believes that they will be the next supreme after they realize current leader Fiona Goode’s (Jessica Lange) health getting worse.

In the midseason, one viewer discovered who was the supreme. During the opening sequence, each cast member’s title card flashes a drawing that reveals their character.

When Cordelia Goode (Sarah Paulson) card flashes, an image of the Lady of Seven Powers a.k.a Santa Muerte appears alongside hers. To rise as a supreme, every witch tries to perform the seven wonders, but in the end, Paulson’s Cordelia Goode achieves it and becomes the supreme.

In the opening sequence, it was revealed that she would become the next supreme after Fiona.

  1. AHS: Apocalypse

This season contains the most spoilers than any other season. One spoiler reveals that Mallory (Billie Lourd) will perform Tempus Infinitum. One of the cards reveals that Michael Langdon (Cody Fern) will die by having Lourd’s name alongside a witch who kills those who appear as a threat to her.

If we look back at the opening sequence, Michael Langdon’s named had appeared in the candles, which indicated that he would die.

The 8th season had many other spoilers, which would ruin the complete viewing experience for the fans. The series brought back Michael Langdon, who is the Vivien Harmon’s surviving child. Even the Coven’s witches were back in this season.

It was one of the best crossovers anybody could ask for. But some fans thought that Murphy did a disservice to the season by spoiling it.  


The showrunners never hold back themselves from spoiling each season. Let us see what they bring in the upcoming season, which is set to release in 2021. Will they spoil the entire plot in the plot in the first episode? For now, we have no idea, but make sure to check back with us daily for any update about the new season.


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