American Horror Story Fans Decide The Best Toxic Duo of all time!

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Where should I begin the list of toxic relationships in the ‘American Horror Story’ show, almost every relation whether it be friendships, siblings, or even the relations of grandmother-grandchild, every one of them has the toxicity. Even the gay couple who owned the house at one point are now having the hate of eternity for each other. The first season of the show majorly centered the unraveling marriage of Ben (Dylan McDermott) and Vivien (Connie Britton), the Harmons. Many relations are seen to be destroyed in the series.

However, a poll on Reddit shows that the viewers of ‘AHS’ have decided which of them is the worst…

Over the years it is pretty much clear to the fans of ‘American Horror Story’… DO NOT TRUST HANDSOME FACES! The first cycle of ‘Murder House’ laid the path for everything which was on its way for the show. One thing which is very clear are the rules and regulations of the ghost and haunted houses. There are many characters on the show and the fans fall in love with them over the period of the series.

Source: Looper

Evan Peters who is seen as Tate Langdon at the start of the show can be portrayed as a handsome boy next door. But as the show proceeds, we get to know the reality is far from it. He is dead inside the Harmon’s house and he definitely doesn’t live next door and not to forget he’s a typical sociopath. He is alluring Violet Harmon played by Taissa Farmiga and being a sociopath that he is, Violet’s mum is getting sexually assaulted by him.

It was revealed that after a mass shooting at school which was none other than Tate, he becomes a ghost at the Murder House. The SWAT team encountered him in the house, thus he never got the chance to escape it. When Violet got to know about this, she attempted suicide and became a ghost just like him, but she is not aware of the fact that she indeed died and now is a ghost. Tate kept this secret from her.

We eventually got to see their crazy chemistry as ghosts and the fans definitely can’t expect anything less than the worst. The two of them reconnects in the ‘Apocalypse’ where it was revealed that the Satan was making those who were in the Murder House to act more violently than they would do in any normal circumstances. After all this, Mellory’s time travel shenanigans undid everything and as the matter-of-fact Violet and Tate are avoiding each other, they are not on speaking terms on the ‘AHS’ show. All of these aforementioned reasons, made the viewers on Reddit select Violet/Tate duo as the most toxic till date.

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