An Instagram Artist Morphed Homelander From The Boys Into Villainous Roles



  • An Instagram digital artist has combined, Frozen’s villain Hans and The Boys Homelander and created Hanslander.
  • Their facial structures look quite similar.
  • Apart from that, both the characters played villainous roles in their respective series and films.

Inside Story

Nowadays, many emerging digital artists are showcasing their art skills on their social media platforms. Recently, one such digital artist turned Homelander, leader of the Seven in The Boys into Frozen’s villain Hans. The resemblance is uncanny, and fans are surprised with not only the similarities of the facial structure but also their nature.

Moreover, morphed art is doing rounds all over the internet, which has turned the superhero into a handsome and menacing Disney villain. You can check out the art post below. Swipe left to see the comparison of both the characters.

Homelander is a popular character in dark comedy action-packed series named The Boys, which is played by Antony Starr. His charms can lure any woman, and his character is a perfect blend of heroism and villainy. The citizens see him as a symbol of good and a superhero, so he tries to use his power for good to achieve his motives.

Recently, Samuel Cheve, who is a digital artist, morphed Homelander and Hans and created a new cartoon version of the Homelander. This digital artist is insanely talented, and he is known among netizens for turning any character from pop culture into Disney characters.

He tried to focus on Homelander’s handsome looks and villainous nature and turned him into Hans, who is dashing himself. He is also a prince and surprisingly, the villain in the Frozen Movie. Fans have also combined their names and created ‘Hanslander’. If you see the art carefully, it is very accurate, both face and nature wise.

The artist has perfectly captured the awkward yet beautiful smile, which makes Starr look menacing and handsome at the same time. One of the fans even joked about making the codpiece larger.

They look awfully similar, but we cannot exactly call them twins. Starr and Hans could be lost siblings in the animated world, who knows? When comparing these two characters, we can see a few similarities, both are villains and are hiding their true nature from the public.

However, Homelander has done a lot of dirty work compared to Hans. If The Boys creators decide to create their own subversive animated version of the series, then this is what Homelander would look like in animation. It will be fun to see The Boys characters with big eyes and cute haircuts running around in their suit and killing each other.


Let’s hope The Boys creator Eric Kripke sees this fan art and gets an inspiration to create a special animated episode in the third season for the fans. The show has immense popularity in Amazon prime video, and if the showrunners like the animated concept, then they will create the superhero animated series too.

The Boys Season 2 is currently streaming on in Amazon, so do not forget to watch it before the new season arrives and stay in touch for upcoming updates.


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