An Instagram Artist Shows What Yara Shahidi Could Look Like As Tinkerbell In Disney’s Live-Action Peter Pan & Wendy



  • Recently, creators announced the upcoming Live-Action Peter Pan & Wendy film.
  • A digital artist named apexform showcased his creativity by sharing the art of Yara Shahidi had Tinkerbell.
  • He created the portrait imagining the classic Tinkerbell.

Inside Story

Several digital artists are transforming their favorite celebrities into their favorite film characters. Recently, a digital artist who goes by the username of apexform shared art of Yara Shahidi as Tinkerbell. The post came after the news about Shahidi playing as Tinkerbell in an upcoming live-action film titled Peter Pan & Wendy.

The artist used his artistic skills and showed what Yara Shahidi would look like in the film. The actress looked perfect with fringes and braids. The talented digital creator used his creativity and imagination to show the Instagrammers how gorgeous she would look in that role. The artist uploaded a headshot of Shahidi as Tinkerbell.

Moreover, the creator also imagined her in Tinkerbell’s classic green costume, sparkly golden and transparent wings, as well as pointed, yet, elven ears. Furthermore, the artist brightened her form, which makes the background a bit darker.

The results are just mind-blowing! Shahidi looks ethereal and like a real fairy. The glow illuminating her form looks very real. You can check out the creation of the artist on his Instagram post below.

Details about upcoming live-action Peter Pan & Wendy film

The creators haven’t disclosed much about Tinker Bell’s role in Peter Pan & Wendy. One thing we know is that Tinkerbell will be Peter Pan’s partner in crime or more like a partner in adventures. Just like in the animated film, Tinkerbell will have magical powers.

Also, she will always be there to save her friends Peter, the Lost Boys, as well as the Darlings out of dangerous situations in the wild. We can expect more adventures and magic in the upcoming flick. Besides, it seems like Shahidi is all set for this project and play the iconic role.

Who will star along with Yara Shahidi in live-action Peter Pan & Wendy film?

There are some speculations that Ever Anderson will portray as Wendy Darling, Alexander Molony will portray as Peter Pan, and Jude Law will portray as Captain Hook. Fans are pretty excited about the upcoming film, and before the announcement, many were pleading Disney to create a live-action remake of Tinkerbell.

Despite the anticipation, many viewers have given mixed reviews about previous Disney’s live-action adaptations like The Lion King, Mulan, and many other films. But it looks like Peter Pan & Wendy has already gained a lot of fans even before its production announcement.

Final Words

Let us hope this film receives success when it gets premiered worldwide. We will drop a new article when we find more information about other casts, plot, release date as well as production update. So stay tuned!


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