An “uncomfortable” Season 11 shocker is revealed by The Walking Dead’s executive producer.


What we can anticipate from The Walking Dead’s next final season has been hinted at by showrunner Angela Kang, who suggests we’ll be seeing the characters in a whole new light.

Season 11 is expected to bring many changes to the personalities and storylines of some of the characters, and Kang gave us a sneak peek at the “uncomfortable” transition we may expect to witness.

Daryl is one of those guys that finds himself in situations that are vastly different from anything he’s ever experienced before.

“So they’re trying to navigate them in ways that can sometimes be uncomfortable for their characters because they feel like they knew how the world worked or what their place was in their group, and they have to expand beyond their circle.

“I think in a general sense, that’s kind of what a lot of our characters, in different ways, are dealing with. And then, of course, there’s scares and all the usual fun stuff that we get to do in our show.”

Earlier this month, Daryl actor Norman Reedus teased a big tonal change in terms of the visual effects, too, going from a “black and white western to a technicolour Willy Wonka film”.

I can’t believe it. Even though each season feels like a fresh programme, this one has a whole new backdrop and colour palette, as well as an entirely different attitude.

As one survivor put it, “It’s sort of in Technicolor all of a sudden, and it takes some getting used to, as you can see in our group.”

Season 11 of The Walking Dead will premiere on AMC in the United States on August 22, 2021. Watch all episodes of STAR on Disney+ in the United Kingdom, where season 11 premieres on August 23. We are very excited to see the twist on the show!


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