Andy Samberg, Craig Robinson and Common Smoke Power-Granting Weed in Super High


Yes, you read the title right. The new show called “Super High” is literally about a bunch of men who become superheroes upon getting high by smoking a certain weed.

This weed would supposedly give them superpowers which they can use to say the world. (Don’t get the wrong idea kids. Don’t do drugs, stay in school)

This show will be featuring three of the most famous comedians and we can already tell how funny the show is going to be.

Andy Samberg, part of the Lonely Island trio, has been casted. The one and only Craig Robinson, famous for his roles as Darryl Philbin and Doug Judy on The Office and Brooklyn Nine-nine will also be one of the leads.

Common, the American rapper/ actor has also been casted as a protagonist!

The show will be written by Adam Mansbach, the acclaimed American author. His books Go the F**k to Sleep and You Have to F**king Eat have made the New York Times Bestsellers list. And both of these books are hilarious.

He also has experience in writing the scripts for movies and has written the famous Barry, the biopic of Barack Obama.

The story was co-created by Shamier Anderson and the bidding of this project has been won by New Line. We still don’t have any updates about when the show will premiere and if the production has started yet but we will surely let you know once we get any information regarding that.

Stay tuned for the latest updates!

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