Ann Dowd from Handmaid’s Tale speaks in the series, The Testaments role.

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Ann Dowd, a favourite of the Handmaid’s Tale, has remarked in the Testaments series on the recovery of her character Aunt Lydia. Once again, this work, released by Margaret Atwood in 2019, moves away from the rebellious June Osborne by Elizabeth Moss and focuses on Lydia.

Emmy Award winner Dowd said with a jest that this initiative implies security at work at The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She said, “It feels fantastic. “And I’m just going to mention the other item I’ve got now, and I just thought I’d hope they’ll let me play it.

“If not, the actress who has been picked must look at it because I’m going to hunt her until she gives up.”

Source: The Sun

The actress previously offered her perspective on Atwood’s sequel news, which gives out big spoilers in the following paragraphs!

“I was excited — let’s be serious — about what Lydia does and how she does, and what will bring Gilead down,” Dowd added. “What surprised — and did not — me was the first way that [she] got into Gilead.

“In The Handmaid’s Tale, when you play a role like Lydia, you are looking for a personal connection which explains why the decisions she takes would somehow be taken. You now read The Testaments and Lydia, being a family tribunal judge, soon realised, ‘If I want to live and exist in this world, you must. I’ll not only do this, but I’ll also do it better than everyone else, so I’ll rule the other ties.'”

Hulu in the US and Channel 4 in the UK. Handmaid’s Tale.

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