Most of us now are more likely to need movies or to hold a movie marathon than to walk around the country. The Top 10 list of Netflix’s most famous movies gives a fascinating look into what the Americans see.

It shouldn’t be a surprise this weekend for fans of Netflix to look forward to Halloween for some spooky movies. What is interesting is that another A-list film from another decade is part of the most viewed American film list.

Netflix A-Listers in Top 10

From today’s morning in the United States, Netflix’s latest Top 10 represents a diverse blend of TV and movies, all of which have just been released. But Moneyball, which hit theatre in 2011, is the third most famous game on the streaming site, now standing at the top of the chart. It is certainly the only attribute on the list not published within the last decade. It is certainly among its competitors.

The sports drama, which is starring Brad Pitt as the general manager of Oakland Athletics Billy Beane, received critical acclaim and got a hit with film and sports supporters on the first release. But it’s not entirely clear why Netflix’s most-watched films and TV shows suddenly climb up the ranks.

This may be that this is the post-season baseball, and people are keen to get their curiosity about America’s favorite hobby. Or Billy Beane is thinking about withdrawing from baseball administration, it could be because of the current coverage.

But Netflix also has several other deals that make up the latest top ten list, even if baseball isn’t your business. The second installment of the Netflix anthology horror series of Mike Flannigan is The Ghost of Bly Manor.

The first season’s viewers are excited to try it out because it entered the website on October 11 and hopefully won’t die easily, as the season is spooky. The family fun A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting, Adam Sandler’s Hubie Halloween, is still on schedule for the moment.

The Chicago 7 Trial, the riveting real-life drama of Aaron Sorkin, is also popular in the USA. Fans will also love other television shows including the much excited Emily in Paris, the Great British Baking Competition, Emmy’s latest winner Schitt’s Creek, Bert Kreischer’s adventure shows The Cabin, and the supernatural play Bad.

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