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Before we see Kathryn Newton joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe for Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, we will see her getting all bloody in the next biggest body-wasp horror named Freaky. In her near future release film Freaky, audiences will get to see her in the role of Millie who is trying to survive the dreadful high school and meanwhile she’s the next target of a serial killer, The Butcher whose character is being played by Vince Vaughn. As aforementioned, this is a body-wasp horror so the audience will get to witness Millie’s body mystically getting swapped with The Butcher’s and the story follows Millie, trying to swap the bodies back before the switch becomes permanent, meanwhile The Butcher is enjoying his time with a new identity and continues his killing spree. The movie is releasing this week on the 2nd of July.

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During an interview Kathryn Newton revealed that the trickiest part of this horror was the body-wasp and pretending to be a middle-aged serial killer while completely forgetting about herself, was one hell of a task as she considers herself a dork. She said, “I’m way more Millie than Butcher in real life. I was so grateful to have rehearsals with Chris [Landon] and Vince because their ideas really brought the best out of me. To have people to collaborate with on a character, you just get so confident and I had to have confidence as the Butcher,”

Newton continued, “Just the way the Butcher carries himself is just stronger than even I do. I learned that I don’t stand up very straight in real life. Being really grounded in the character and the reality that you’re going to kill somebody, it changed everything.”

With a lot of blood and stunts, Newton got a whole new experience of working in a horror like this. She has done most of her part as serial killer (The Butcher) in the movie. For Kathryn, it was the scenes involving blood which was the harder aspect. She recalled her shoot days and said, “The blood has to be very specific and in the right place every time. Once you get bloody, it has to look right for the days to come, so being covered in blood is actually more difficult than the stunts.” With this being said she also added, “I love doing stunts, I love doing fight scenes, so physically, it’s a blast to do that on set. You’re surrounded by such a good team that it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Using a chainsaw, I had to figure that out pretty quick, but I figured it out.”

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