Anya Taylor Joy would jump at the chance to return for Queens gambit season 2

Courtesy: Female First

Anya Taylor’s fans found overjoyed spotted sharing posts on social media and appreciating her for the recent Golden Globe win. With this news, a huge fan base is now waiting excitedly to see her again on the big screen. To this, she has decided now to grab the chance to get into the second season of The Queens Gambit. 

She has shown this possibility only after when her confidence level was highly increased with her Golden Globe win. This happened just after some months when her series debut on Netflix was released. It gained massive popularity and acceptance among the public.

At the time when she was awarded Golden Globe, she particularly thank the creator of the show, the writer, and also the director. In her speech, she also said that she would love to do the project again and again and again! Now, this is very important because it indicates her father’s willingness to work in the same show. 

To support this idea even more in the very next today when she spoke with Kevin she said that there is a possibility of a second season comes up. But at the same time, she also said that it was a limited series and that the team never thought to come up with any of the following series. 

This left the audience in a confused state. Her statement about the second series was that it may be released or maybe not. But she also made it clear that they don’t want to disappoint the audience for any cost. The problem is that the team never thought about another season. It was just intended to be a limited series. She then expressed her surprise about the demand for season 2 from the audience. Later on she said that she adore the whole team and also expressed her interest to be a part of season 2 if she get a chance to work with them again. With this, the only thing that we can do is to wait and see what happens further!

Courtesy: Screen Rant

The high hopes of the audience may compel the team to come up with a second season. The current example of big little lies is another reason why audience nowadays are expecting the following season even for limited series. 

Now the question is will the team decide to leave the Queens gambit In the present series or will it come up which season 2 also?


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