Apple TV+ has released all updates for the Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet Season 2!!

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Mythic Quest is a series created by the famous Always Sunny stars Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day. The series is written and produced by Megan Ganz. The show has earned a lot of fame during the quarantine period of a pandemic that has to lead to the demand for the sequel. Fans and viewers are eagerly waiting for the updates regarding its release and we are here to tell you that you won’t have to wait long. 

Release Date of the Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet Season 2 is announced!!

The pandemic has caused a delay in the production work of many series and the same was for the second season of Mythic Quest. When the shooting started post quarantine and the camera rolled up again, the situation wasn’t under control as several people tested positive from the cast and crew of the show. 

With a lot of effort and safety, the team has finally completed its filming for the second season and we have an official release date for the same. On 19th February 2021, Apple TV+ released a teaser trailer that revealed the release date of the second season to be 7th May 2021. 

The cast for the second season is interesting!!

We all know that the Mythic Quest has a collection of stellar comedic cast and it can be said with surety that the entire main cast from the first season will reprise their roles. The cast list includes McElhenney, David Hornsby, Danny Pudi, Charlotte Nicdao, F. Murray Abraham, Ashly Burch, and Imani Hakim. 

If we look at the trailer closely then we see that there will also be a special guest appearance in the show for at least one episode and the famous name is Snoop Dogg. 

What can you expect to see in the second season??

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In the climax of the first season, we saw that Poppy was elected as the new co-creative director by Ian. In the end, Ian was able to recognize all things she craved for but it is also obvious that their problems won’t stop there. We can see in the trailer that both of them are discussing something which was not done and Ian just left. 

It is also a well-known fact that the name of the first season was Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet and the words Raven’s Banquet indicated the new project for the show’s universe. If the creators follow this trend then we can expect a new title for the second season of Mythic Quest. 

So get ready on 7th May with all your snacks to enjoy the second season of Mythic Quest. Stay tuned with us and enjoy reading.


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