Apple TV’s Foundation: All Updates About Upcoming Sci-fi series


Apple TV has launched its OTT platform, Apple TV Plus , they are ready and fans are excited for Apple TV plus launch. Many series are in the line up to launch on Apple TV. fans are really excited and they have high expectations and they really wish that Apple will give them the best series of all time.

Apple will be the tough competitor as of now, because of the series they are playing for are really good on paper. They have excellent directors and best cast as part of the series.

Apple mainly will compete with platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime, and upcoming new app from HBO i.e. HBO+.

Apple TV is launching their first show as Foundation in 2021.

All About Foundation 

Foundation will be the sci-fi drama and will take us to the adventure to sail the space and explore the whole, and know about different theories and space-time stuff. Foundation will be the series having time travel in it and it would be interesting to watch the series. This show is inspired or taken from the novel and that novel is of three parts.

The Pilot Episode

The season filming was started in this year before the pandemic but unfortunately, it was called off because of the pandemic, now because of guidelines issued by the government, they can shoot and launch the show on time.

The series will go around a man who wants to save the Empire set, and he will face different problems and issues.

Release Date

Foundation was all set to release this year but we all know this will never happen and now news is out and it is official that this will be released in 2021. Fact is we have Christopher Nolan as the part of it, is a big thing in itself.

  1. Foundation’s Cast
  2. Laura Birn
  3. Lou Llobell
  4. Lee Pace
  5. Leah Harvey
  6. Jared Harrus
  7. And many more actor
  8. Series Directed by
  9. Jennifer Phang
  10. Rupert Sanders
  11. Foundation | Closure

It would be a great start for the Apple TV to start with the show like Foundation. This has the power to make big success and Apple will never let go of their chance as they are known for their dedication and consistency towards whatever they choose to do.


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