Aquaman 2: New Updates revealed by Director James Wan at DC Fandom


Produced by Peter Safran and Rob Cowan, the Film Aquaman was a much-loved superhero movie released in 2018 under the DC Extended universe’s umbrella. 

The movie is based on the DC comic character of a similar name and written by David Leslie Johnson and MC Goldrick. Distribution rights for the movie had been with Warner Bros, like most of the DC movies.

Fans have showered the movie with immense love and have eagerly waited for a sequel too. Considering the requests from fans worldwide, the sequel has been announced and is currently under the stage of development. The sequel “Aquaman 2” will ideally be the 14th installment of DC extended universe.

To bring some relief to fans’ curiosity, Director James Wan has revealed precise details of the movie at the DC fandom event. 

Aquaman 2: New Updates revealed by Director James Wan at DC Fandom

He mentioned how the sequel would be so much more serious and relevant to the world we currently live in. All thanks to Wan, we know that Patrick Wilson will be seen again as Ocean Master. Not just James Wan, but even Patrick Wilson had himself revealed that he would be back in the movie

Sadly, none of them have revealed any further details on his character or how he will look in the sequel. All we know is that Patrick once mentioned how he had to go through a lot of challenges to prepare for the role of King Orm.

Honestly, after hearing this, my hopes are very high now, and I am expecting some great transformation.

Considering the fan base, the movie already has and the eagerness in people for the sequel, most likely, it’s going to be one of the highest-grossing films based on DC Character. 

The expected release date for the movie is December 16, 2022, and that’s nowhere close. But considering the current COVID-19 global outbreak, there are no chances at all for the release to be preponed at all. 

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