Are Jaden Smith and Sofia Richie In a Relationship!

Are Jaden Smith and Sofia Richie In a Relationship!
Are Jaden Smith and Sofia Richie In a Relationship!

Hello Folks! Are you ready to dig out information about the cozy and hidden relationship of Jaden smith and Sofia Richie!                                                                                                             

American popular actor, rapper, and lyricist named Jaden Christopher Syre Smith also known by the mononym Jaden is a 22-year-old actor had his first film in 2006 along with his father whereas Sofia Richie is an American model and fashion designer born on 24 August 1998 and is the youngest daughter of singer Lionel Richie. 

Why rumors are spreading about them!

In today’s world, everyone needs proof and we never come without proofs. Just take a looking reader!

Both Jaden and Sofia were spotted red-handed while having some fun in the sun on the beach of Malibu at the weekend. They swam on the beach together and wrapped their arms around each other and hugged too! What! Yup and this is the reason behind the gossips about them.

Respond to the sizzling tittle-tattle!

In the beginning, Jaden told Ryan that he doesn’t look at the internet which seems like he is avoiding or running from the situation. 

But after some time, Karate kid Jaden revealed that both of them are friends from the past 10 years and for Sofia, Jaden is like his family not like his boyfriend.

Marvelous Sofia, also take part and said that they are just homies and going for beach parties for the past ten years. So, there is nothing between us as you guys are thinking!                                                                                        

 Are they really dating each other secretly!

Nope! On the basis of the answers given by Jaden and Sofia, it is very clear that both of them are just friends nothing more than that! So, it’s not necessary that if two celebs are kissing or holding hands than they are in a relationship. 

And Jaden also revealed that he is having a tight summer schedule with the recent release of his CTV3 album. Frankly, after her breakup from Scott Disick, she deserves some time for herself and to live it up as a single mingle lady! 

Hence, sorry guys as we won’t be seeing a hot sexy couple Jaden and Sofia anytime soon.


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