The Plath family has several rules in situ to stay their children safe – approximately they assert . Not only that, but when any of the youngsters go against these rules, they get kicked out of the house to stay their actions from rubbing off on the opposite children.

However, are of these rules real? Fans aren’t really convinced CinemaBlend says.

So, where is that this evidence coming from? Apparently, within the new episode, a computer game controller are often spotted in one among the kid’s rooms. The son also has three computer monitors with a pleasant gaming chair which might suggest he uses those for gaming also .

The Plath family prides themselves in not allowing their children to play video games…so why would he have of these controllers if he really wasn’t allowed to play?

And, if that a part of the story may be a lie, then what else within the family may be a lie?

There’s really no way of knowing. Micah and Moriah both removed of the house, so perhaps the family got a touch more lenient then . However, they’re still making it appear to be they’re pretty strict on the new season. Only time will tell if more comes out on the principles and if they’re lying.

In the Welcome to Plathville fandom, video games aren’t the sole worry. Some fans actually worry about the youngsters still within the Plath house, especially Lydia.

Lydia is that the daughter who loves the way her family works. However, she is struggling within the new season with how her family is falling apart. Lucky for her, all her dreams come true when her parents give her a prayer closet. Fans aren’t convinced that this is often healthy.

“So, this evil matriarch takes ZERO responsibility for crippling her children…and Lydia must be saved while she still can from the insanity of her family,” someone asks.

“Things I never thought i might hear: “I’ve always wanted a prayer closet.” Another person says.

“That poor girl and her Harry Potter prayer room. When social services finds that room they’re gonna have tons of questions once they are going through all the scrawling on the wall,” another writes.


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