Are we losing the serendipity while working from home


Now we are stuck into the biggest virtual workplace all because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Work form home is still boosting the productivity of a lot of people. But it is also affecting career bond opportunities.

So what are the ways we can bring back the lost bonding between people, i.e., the serendipity effect to persist digitally? Are there any possibilities? The senior director of modern workplace at Avanade, Michelle Caldwell said, “The spontaneity of bumping into a colleague in the corridor is hard to synthesize remotely in exactly the same way.”

She further added, “But technology and a culture that welcomes change can help achieve comparable collaboration and innovation.”

According to Caldwell remote working can allow in-person interactions using video call. Shee says the video use can, “helps increase attention and retention of information, reduces subconscious multitasking, shorten meetings to allow free time, the visual cues increase engagement while reducing ambiguity.

Combine screen sharing with online editing removes the physical barriers and allows effective real-time collaboration as if in the same room.”

Caldwell further continues to add, “And remember, we’re human. Have a theme that changes each time, infuse some fun into these events like online team Karaoke. We used to put off conversations because we were not face to face, potentially delaying actions by days or even weeks. Now, we click a button.”

In the meanwhile, Amber Olson Rourke, the chief sales and marketing officer for Neora, believes, “In our experience virtual interaction does not subtract the serendipity of human interaction. We must take additional steps to create engagement opportunities.

For example, we had our first virtual digital regional training, and instead of spending an hour talking at our team, we made it a two-way conversation by adding polls and Q&As. We have found that this brings back that human interaction that is so critical to creating a sense of community.”

Rourke further continues, “Interactive digital elements give more timid team members the opportunity to be heard without physically speaking. In a sense, we actually have more opportunities to interact now because people are now more widely accepting tools like Zoom.

We feel like working from home has accelerated the country’s acceptance of what we have been doing successfully for years – connecting with our team digitally. People make all the difference and we have the best in the business.”

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