Are you busying yourself in fighting with your sibling this lockdown, check what Brick Lensar, the wrestling star is engaging himself in.


How many of us here are big fighters?

We fight over chocolates, clothes and the TV remote with our siblings.

Almost all of us do, right?

Jokes apart guys, how many of are WWE fans and we’re really missing Brock Lensar on the rings?

For those of us who really wanted to know what he is doing now, this shot of news is for you.

When the Roman Reigns’ on-screen manager Paul Heyman was us a plethora of questions, the most interesting among them were the ones about the WWE star Brock Lensar.

While sharing some information about the upcoming plans for the beast incarnate, Brock Lesnar who was no longer under contract with the WWE, Heyman mentioned that currently, Brock had been busying himself in activities such as farming and fathering. Hemant said that was an avid farmer and also loves being a father to his children. He is enjoying his full-time father-ship and is also creating some of the best daddy moments for his kids. Now, being away from the ring, he is seen enjoying these little things in his life.

Talking about his future prospects, Paul remarked, that Lensar would be willingly returning to the rings if WWE offered him a challenge of that level, where he could give his best performance that would take him to the zenith of success. Also, he should be paid some proper honorarium for it too.

Brock was last seen on WWE TV since he lost to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 36.

We can all smell a lot of glory, positivity, and warmth in Brock’s life now.

Also, we take the opportunity of wishing him success in his future endeavors.

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