Army Of Darkness: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Evil Dead 3


From different endings to injuries to a totaled crane… read more to find out!

We have officially entered the Spooky month and it’s to bust out the old classic cult films and crank it up for a good scare-fest! And what better way but to begin with the OG, fan favourite, Sam Raimi’s Army Of Darkness which also happens to near its 30th anniversary. 

Third, in the Evil Dead trilogy, Army of the Darkness follows Ash who is captured by Lord Arthur, use the only friend known to him, his chainsaw and find the Book of the Dead before someone else uses it to summon an army of ghouls. Casual Tuesdays, am I right?

As it nears its 30th anniversary on October 9, to commemorate the film, we have compiled some behind the scenes goodness which some of you might not know. Let’s take a look:

Medieval Dead or Evil Dead? 

If it were up to Raimi, the film would have been named Medieval Dead. It was Universal Pictures that declined and producer Irvin Shapiro suggested Army Of Darkness. Although the UK DVD versions are named, Army Of Darkness: The Medieval Dead.

Army Of Darkness was delayed because of Hannibal Lecter

The film sat on the shelves for over a year over legal rights to Hannibal Lecter’s character. Ultimately, the Universal and producer Dino De Laurentiis settled their dispute. 


Because Raimi wanted to shoot the film with multiple cameras, Bruce Campbell’s mic was hidden in his chainsaw and the transmitter in his shotgun holster. Thrifty!


Due to mechanical failure, the 80-ton crane that was supposed to film Raimi’s personal 1988 Oldsmobile Delta falling from the sky, fell over the edge of the cliff. Thankfully no one was injured, including the operator who jumped right before it crashed.

Personal Attachment 

Shots that include inside Raimi’s Oldsmobile are his belongings and not props. Of the things that included was a Fangoria Magazine, a Dark Horse Presents Fifth Anniversary Special, chemistry textbook and volume on steam power. 

Personal Attachment 2.0

Raimi’s brother Ted appears in the film 4 times, each time, playing a different character. Also, Campbell’s father, Charlie and brother, Don too make an appearance. 

Pit Battle 

The pit battle was changed from featuring one Deadite monster to two. This change then caused the team to film the scene at two separate locations for interior and exterior footage. 

Campbell’s injuries 

To elicit a real reaction, Raimi had potatoes thrown at Campbell along with fake rocks which ultimately made it into the film. Also, Campbell had to visit a local plastic surgeon as a pin from his uniform cut open his chin during the swordfight with Arthur.

Four Cuts 

The film saw four versions of DVD released: U.S. theatrical edit, European theatrical version, Director’s Cut, and a U.S. television release, all of which had different extended and deleted scenes.

Different Ending 

Raimi was asked to change the initial ending which saw Ash waking up in a post-apocalyptic England. Universal wasn’t all too happy with ending it on a not-so-good note, which is why the film ended with Ash getting the girl.


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