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Hello there, reader! I guess you’ve already made it through two hours and twenty-eight minutes of the recently debuted Netflix movie on May 21st, 2021- Army of the dead and with the cliffhanger at the end I know what exactly you want to know and my guess would be, “When will the second part of the movie is going to come?”

Now I’m leaving you to what I know about the second part of the movie. Army of the dead is an action-packed zombie (definitely not the typical zombie apocalypse) film produced by Zack Snyder. The film is based on the story of a group of mercenaries trying to plan a robbery in the quarantine zone of Las Vegas after a zombie invasion. As a result of the first movie ending with a cliffhanger, waiting for the second one is definitely normal and it should be expected. Vanderohe, locked up by Ludwig, comes out in a pile of rubble with the money and heads for the airport. Vanderohe is seen to be buying a private plane to fly to Mexico. When he’s in the bathroom, he sees a zombie bite just below his elbow. You won’t be able to see this bite mark in any of the scenes, but it probably happened when he was fighting off Zeus. At this time, the plane he was on was about to land in the City of Mexico. This probably means that the second film may be about what Vanderohe will experience in Mexico after his new revelation of the bite on his arm. Will he turn into a Zombie?

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Release Date of the Army of the Dead-2 and Cast:

Since there is no announcement of part two, fans should know that there is no official trailer as well as a release date regarding the sequel of this film, though we can expect it by 2022-2023. As of the cast, since nearly everyone dies in Army of the Dead, it is highly expected the second part will have a whole bunch of new characters.

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