Army of the Dead’s robot zombies

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The battle scenes in Army of the Dead reveal that some of the zombies in Las Vegas are actually robot zombies. The explanations for the robot zombies are being saved for a future project as part of Netflix’s plan to expand Zack Snyder’s zombie world with prime and offs. The Dead Army robot zombies can be distinguished from real zombies by their blue-gloss eyes. The crowd can see two of the robot zombies when Zeus mourns the loss of his Queen of Zombies and her unborn child. Guzman kills one robot zombie on the casino’s lower level, while Scott kills another on the main floor. Guzman shoots one robot zombie on the lower level of the casino and Scott shoots another on the main floor of the casino. The zombies are identical to the other alpha zombies with the exception of their eyes until the skulls open to reveal metal skulls and wiring rather than blood and bone. they are tormented.


Snyder acknowledged the presence of the robot zombies in a Netflix Q&A, saying: “If you look closely, you will notice a number of zombies that are clearly not zombies. There are regular zombies and then there are robot zombies.” There is no evidence of the presence of robot zombies in the Dead Army, nor is the exact origin of the other zombies known.

However, Zeus is accidentally transported from Area 51, and there are two UFOs at the beginning of the film, implying an alien origin for the zombie virus. Snyder then teased two possible explanations for the robot’s zombies: “Is the government watching it to keep an eye on the zombies? Is it technology from another planet? What occurs there? What occurs there?”

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