Arrowverse: Every Show’s Status As Of 2021 With Major Updates For You!


Arrowverse is a big franchise that was formed after the massive hit of the 2012 TV series- Arrow, based on the Superhero character Green Arrow.

Are you a fan of the franchise but don’t know where things are moving from now on due to confusion and changes caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic? Don’t worry! We’ve got your back.

Here is the list of shows set in the Arrowverse and the updates regarding them!

Arrow (#1)

The first hit series of the franchise first premiered in 2012 has come to an end with the last, season 8, this January 2020. No further announcement about the renewal of the show has been announced yet.

The Flash

The series follows the life of the superhero Flash, who could move faster than sound. The series first premiered in 2014 has been renewed for the seventh season which will premiere by January 2021. But the number of episodes has not yet been declared.


This show features Superman’s cousin, Supergirl, one of the very few Kryptonians left in this universe. The show first premiered in 2015 and has got five seasons as of now. The sixth season has been confirmed to be renewed and will be released by mid 2021.

Legends of Tomorrow 

The show supplies us with an assortment of superheroes from the Arrowverse and has been doing so since 2016. The show’s fifth season was released this year and has yet another season which will be broadcasted mid 2021 as well!

Black Lightning 

The series features the superhero of the same name, who has come back and has to many both his professional and family life. The show’s first season was released last year and has got amazing reviews. So, it has been renewed and we can expect the next season to be released by January 2021 as well.


Batwoman is a superhero of Gotham city as well and is equally, if not more, courageous than Batman himself. She is also an open lesbian, and serves as the perfect inspiration for the closeted kids. The show’s first season premiered last year too and has been renewed. The upcoming seaosn of the show will be released along with Black Lightning.

This is all the updates we have for now and I hope this made your TV watching schedule more tangible!

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