As Pandemic Cases Rise, Fauci Stated Health Measures Are The Way To Slow Spread


Cases of COVID-19 are increasing across the country, the well-known doctor in the nation stated that this public health measure is the way out of the crisis that has limp the economy. 

Health experts believe the predicted fall surge is here. The cases are rising across the US. America is averaging more than 55k new cases each day. Moreover, 10 states reported their highest single-day cases counts last Friday. 

There were more than 5 million cases until the weekend- Johns Hopkins University. 

Despite the searching total, Dr. Anthony explains that nationwide lockdown is not the way forward. The reason is that pandemic increasing like bad and worse. 

No put shut down stating that we are going to use public health measures to help us safely get to the place they want to go.

Despite seeing restrictions as a barrier to an open economy described by Dr. Jonathan LaPook during the interview. 

By avoiding folks settings, keeping measures, keeping small outdoors. Along week wearing masks. 

Those steps will need to remain in the area at least until a safe vaccine is come out. Fauci will take it after looking at the data. After that, it has been finalized by the US Food & Drug Administration. 

I am looking at the data upon and that decision has taken by the FDA. I trust a permanent professional in the FDA. 

The vaccine process has a mix of controversy as politicians have called for one to be released faster. Prompting some questions. If the politicization will affect safety. Numerous health experts have stated that the companies in charge will be brought high vaccine standards. 

In an open letter published by Pfizer Chairman as well as CEO Albert Bourla, the firm stated that it plans to apply for emergency use administration from the FDA for its COVID-19 vaccine as early as November.


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