As Sick As They Made Us – Latest News On Release Date, Cast, And Storyline

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Mayim Bialik, star of “Blossom” and “The Big Bang Theory,” is back at it. This actual genius is taking on a new challenge: writing and directing her own film, in addition to her award-winning role on the geeky CBS comedy that just finished filming in 2019, obtaining a degree in neurology, and launching a podcast (as reported by USA Today).

If you’re a Bialik fan, you’re probably curious what the movie will be about. Who will be the first to take part? And when is it going to be released? Some of those questions, on the other hand, have more precise solutions than others. However, we can confirm that the film is in the works and that Bialik is thrilled with her new responsibilities as a screenwriter and director. So far, here’s what we know.

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As Sick As They Made Us – Release Date

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available regarding the film’s official release date. However, we can tell you that they have begun filming in New Jersey, thanks to a Deadline exclusive. We can also reveal that Film Mode Entertainment is working behind the scenes to ensure that their film reaches the audiences that want to watch it the most, especially those attending the Cannes Film Festival.

Production timeframes for big films can vary dramatically based on the film’s subject matter, special effects, scheduling difficulties, and other factors. However, based on what we’ve seen so far, the production period for this film should be pretty short. It features an all-star ensemble with plenty of Hollywood expertise, so filming will most likely be kept short and sweet. And since this isn’t a big-budget MCU film, post-production shouldn’t take too long.

Bialik had been waiting on the screenplay for a long time because, according to USA Today, she didn’t want to begin filming until the COVID-19 epidemic had passed. However, despite a very quick production schedule, if Film Mode Entertainment is scheduling for a Cannes Film Festival premiere, we may not see this film until July 2022.

As Sick As They Made Us – Cast Members

Thus according Deadline and the film’s IMDb page, the cast includes Dianna Agron (“Glee”), Simon Helberg (“The Big Bang Theory”), Dustin Hoffman, Candice Bergen (“Murphy Brown”), Charlie Weber (“How to Get Away With Murder”), Justin Chu Cary (“Blindspotting”), Anastasia Veronica Lee (“Lisey’s Story”), Julian Grant (“Key and Peele”), Sweta Keswani

There are a lot of well-known names in there, with Hoffman and Bergen in particular sticking out. Bialik will also get the opportunity to work with Simon Helberg, who portrayed engineering expert Howard Wolowitz on “The Big Bang Theory,” and we expect both performers to be quite enthusiastic about the prospect. Given the nature of the storey that Bialik has written, the casting choices are absolutely suitable. Let’s take a deeper look at that storey and see what this movie is meant to be about.

Source: Deadline

As Sick As They Made Us – Storyline

Many news sites, including The Hollywood Reporter, have reported that “The film follows a divorced mother of two who rekindles her love life among her dysfunctional family’s antics. She now has to persuade her obstinate and hilariously unlucky family members to hold it together while they embrace one last time.” While this brief summary may have sufficed for the press release, it is exceedingly ambiguous and leaves more to be desired.

Exclusive Deadline reports, on the other hand, have managed to throw a bit more light on the narrative (in addition to what the cryptic presser promises).  Hoffman will portray the family patriarch, who is on his deathbed at the start of the narrative. Bergman portrays his neurotic wife, while Agron portrays their dissatisfied, recently divorced daughter.

She’s torn between her parents and her estranged brother Nathan (Helberg), who wants to make apologies before Nathan misses out on his father’s final goodbye. At least, that’s what we can deduce from various interpretations of the limited evidence we have. This emotive drama will undoubtedly seek to address the modern-day family dysfunction that so many people are all too familiar with.

You don’t have to be a clairvoyant to predict that this film will appeal to a wide audience and earn positive reviews.

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