Ash’s 10 Best Pokémon (That He Never Uses)

Ash's 10 Best Pokémon (That He Never Uses)
Ash's 10 Best Pokémon (That He Never Uses)

If your body wants to train a Pokémon someday, I would suggest you take it to Ash Ketchum. He is one of the world’s top Pokémon trainers. at least this is what we have got to know after a thousand episodes and almost 20 spin-off movies of this anime. 

And guess what, Ash has unlocked salinity through seven regions of the 10 most powerful Pokémon’s who especially focus on the battle records and the caliber of opponents. Here’s a list of those 10 beasts.

First is Bulbasaur, the fourth Pokémon to join Ash’s team. He holds a positive win-loss ratio and is extremely powerful. He currently resides at Professor Oak’s Lab. Gliscor is the second. He is so powerful that his first battle let Ash won the shield.

Kingler is the third, he was the first water-type beast and the seventh mate of Ash’s team. He is one of those who can entirely handle and win a League match alone. 

Ash's 10 Best Pokémon (That He Never Uses)
Ash’s 10 Best Pokémon (That He Never Uses)

Staraptor is the fourth on the list and Swellow is the fifth. The two have a great competition among themselves and swallow is almost singly responsible for making Ash win the quarterfinals of Hoenn league.

Glalie is the sixth and goes under the radar for Ash’s Hoenn team. He is also ash’s final Pokémon in his bout with Morrison. Hera cross and Goodra follows next on the basis of power and strength.

Fans are quite impressed by their moves. Krookodile, the next is said to have one of the highest win rates among Ash’s Pokémon team. His first prey was Dragonite. His next spot is the Vertress Conference.

Pikachu is one of Ash’s top six Pokémon. Ash loves him and would never leave him out of his dream team. He holds a win rate of over 60%. The last is Sceptile, One of Ash’s most legendary beasts.

A great team Ash has made!

Isn’t that so?

What do you think friends?


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