Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: A Development You Should Know About!


Valhalla is believed to be the mystical hall where Viking warriors go after their deaths.It reveals a lot about the upcoming gameplay, that we are about to witness the era of pirates and fearsome warriors who raided many monasteries for treasure and traded them across Europe and far lands i.e. we are entering into an era of The Mighty Vikings. 

(Little history lesson: the Vikings were southern Scandinavian Norse community people who gloriously lived in-between 8th to 11th centuries AD.)

 As per the official statements from the creator Ubisoft Montreal, Valhalla is a massive step forward in Assassin’s Creed league after Origins and Odyssey. 

It’s a well-established fact that there are around 14-15 different development studios working internationally on it and there is a ton load of facts and plots which Ubisoft has dropped into the market already. The lead producer is Julien Laferrière, Creative Director is Ashraf Ismail with the graphic designer team Boss Logic has made this sequel a magical mystery.

 The official release dates were announced for holidays in 2020, around Christmas time, but we can’t be sure about it yet as the global pandemic has hit every industry in the world. But as per the trailer and leaks, we are sure that this game is made for all sorts of gaming devices used in the world, be it PS4, Xbox One, PS5, or Xbox Series X. Ubisoft has already started taking bookings as pre-orders: Gold Edition for $99.99, Ultimate Edition for $119.99, and a Collector’s Edition for $199.99.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: A Development You Should Know About!

 The storyline is around Eivor (players assume his role), the head of a Viking clan in the 9th century in Britain (also known as the Dark Age). On the opposition is King Alfred the Great of Wessex and Saxons, who seems to support Templers and tries to stop Viking’s invasion on Saxon Kingdoms. Ubisoft strongly announced the gameplay changes as per individual choice a player makes which leaves us with a huge number of possibilities on how the game can end.

  About the Gameplay:

Valhalla carries the same values of previous glorious Assassin’s Creed gameplay; however, the fighting techniques will be seen to be improved, Evior can use axes, swords, shields in both the hands with the amazing hidden blade. Customization of the gear is taken to the next level, now as a player, you can also change beard & tattoos.

 In Valhalla, the companionship of the game character Evior will be a Raven, similar to the highly acclaimed Eagle in the last 2 games. The fight sequence will be both on the land and in the sea, featuring Viking longboats which will make the raids more brutal than ever.

 The players will be able to hire a fighter who will support in Improving the buildings like Blacksmith, barracks, and tattoo parlours in their settlements. The major highlight of the game is, a player can make any decision, and accordingly, a unique Viking raider will be created, which can be shared online with friends too.


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