Avatar 2 and CGI Fire with Real Water on the Sets – Updates and Leaks

Avatar 2 and CGI Fire with Real Water on the Sets – Updates and Leaks

Avatar 2 is certainly one of the most awaited sequels after a huge success by James Cameron’s Avatar in 2009. Not just the movie made a huge profit by collecting over $2.7 billion across the globe on box-office. The Sci-fi movie has been known for its special visual effects for which Cameron waited over 2 decades to finally release Avatar.

Well, 10 years now since Cameron’s first Avatar and leaving the fans of his work, waiting for Avatar 2 to hit the screens since Cameron’s announcement in 2010 for Avatar 2. No doubt, we got to wait for some more time before Cameron’s Avatar 2 is back to mesmerize us.

On October 2nd, 2019, a photo from the set of Avatars 2 was shared by Jon Landau on Twitter, wherein the Crew was seen using real water on the set along with CGI flames. Certainly, the Avatar team is busy in the film making but is it for a scene from Avatar 2?

Avatar 2 and CGI Fire with Real Water on the Sets – Updates and Leaks

You got it irrespective of the image being shared on official Avatar Twitter, showing Cameron employing a 3D Camera. It certainly shows that Cameron is filming a scene with some style of underwater wreckage including real water and CGI flames. You see the image along with tweet and you know it all.

We still may not be sure to tell which sequel this scene is being filmed for as Avatar Franchise appears to have been working on 4 sequels to be released every year starting 2021. You heard that right, unlike the other production houses and franchises who generally work on back-to-back projects to get their installments developed and then premiere on the big screens, however, Avatar films and the makers are just getting everything to ready as scheduled for all remaining sequels.

We may know 

Avatar 2 projected to release on December 17th, 2021

Avatar 3 scheduled for December 22, 2023,

Avatar 4 to be released on December 19th, 2025 and finally, Avatar scheduled to be released on December 17th, 2027.

Well, we are sure as Cameron makes it big enough again to reclaim being the highest-grossing film ever which was later taken over by Avengers End Game. With the motion capture and 3D technology being implemented by Cameron’s work for Avatar sequels, it is highly likely of him to setup new standards in the industry.

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