AVATAR 2 : Expect the Unexpected


Avatar 2 is an upcoming American film sequel to the first installment named Avatar (2009) which is directed and co-written by James Cameron and produced by 20th Century Studios. The genre of this sequel will again stick with the concept of science fiction only. The first installment was able to receive favorable and great reviews from the critics and audience across the globe as it was the highest-grossing film at the time. 

It has also received three Academy Awards for Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography and Best Visual Effects respectively. The massive success of the first installment was induced the production unit to launch out the second season. So let’s move forward to learn more stuffs related to the Avatar 2!


Viewers will sure to see the Season 2 that will follow the end of Season 1 as there will be 12 years between the end of the season 1 and start of the season 2. The main protagonist i.e. Jake Sully and Neytiri are finally together to live as a family forever. 

AVATAR 2 : Expect the Unexpected

Unfortunately, the peaceful family is induced to depart their home sweet home because of an old threat called Avatar has returned to accomplish its goal where it was not able to complete. Thus, the couple has to go under the new mission of exploring the various regions of Pandora where they have to stop and restrain the Avatar. So fans will sure find their prolonged eagerness to be worth as second season will sure cross the expectations of you with more scientific elements.


The live shooting of the season 2 was begun in April, 2019 as it is said officially that the release date of the season 2 is scheduled on 17 December, 2021. So Fans, you all have to hold your eagerness for one and half year basically.


The main protagonists are sure to be remained who are Sam Worthington as Jake Sully and Zoe Saldana as Neytiri. The other main characters who are reprising roles are CCH Pounder as Moat, Cliff Curtis as Tonowari, Jamie Flatters as Neteyam, Britain Dalton as Loak, Trinity Bliss as Tuk, Bailey Bass as Reya, Filip Geljo as Aonung , Duane Evans as Rotxo, Kate Winslet as Ronal, Giovanni Ribisi as Parker, Joel Moore as Dr. Spellman, Dileep Rao as Dr. Patel, and many more. Vin Diesel and CJ Jones both of their roles are said to be undisclosed.

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