Avatar 2 Gets A Speculated Title And A Release Date Too

Avatar 2 Gets A Speculated
Avatar 2 Gets A Speculated

The year has been jinx from all. How about we bring you some great news about the most awaited movie, Avatar. Yes, you heard it right. Avatar is planning to drop the next edition very soon. Avatar franchise is among a very few movies that are eagerly awaited by fans. 

Avatar released almost a decade ago and created stir in the box office. The movie was a biggest collector until last year when Marvel’s Avenger: End Game released. Well, James Cameron is anticipated to jump back with another piece of phenomenal work with not only one but four sequels. Reportedly, all the four sequels would be out on the floor by 2027. Here, we are with all the inside story, release date, trailer, and cast update of the upcoming movie this year. 

When will Avatar 2 come out? 

The outbreak of the pandemic has shifted almost movie releases across the globe to the later part of the year. We heard Avatar 2 was supposed to be released by December 2020 but the same is likely to be shifted to the same time next year. The official date is not yet out. There are pictures of Avatar 2 movie shooting circulating all over social media platforms. We believe there will soon be an official announcement to contain fan’s enthusiasm. 

Title of Avatar 2: 

The name of the movie often describes the theme. Avatar 2 is speculated to be named as Avatar: the way of water. Well, the name has the potential to undergo changes. 

Avatar 2 Gets A Speculated Title And A Release Date Too

Cast of Avatar 2:

The star cast from Avatar 1 is under the contract and thus there wouldn’t be much changes with them. However, there is always a room for more stars. Let’s have a quick run through with the previous ones that are supposed to be returning. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy star Zoe Saldana would be returning as the princess of Na’vi, Neytiri. Sam Worthington will return as Jake Sully, the human turned Na’vi character of the story.

 Sam Worthington and Stephen Lang died in the first part of the story, but as per their contract would again be returning in the second part. CCH Pounder will return as Neytiri’s mom, Mo’at. Matt Gerald would be the Corporal Lyle Wainfleet. Oana Chaplin from Game of Thrones is speculated to add his name to the bandwagon along with Cliff Curtis and Edie Falco. The biggest names of the block, Kate Winslet and Vin Diesel are on board too. 

Plot of Avatar 2: 

The creators of Avatar are very particular about giving a distinctive yet extraordinary experience to the viewers. They have often been vocal about the fact that for watching Avatar 2, it wouldn’t be necessary to see the first part as they won’t be interrelated at all. 

The upcoming movie of Avatar is already winning hearts by the statements of the creators. We can’t wait to watch the movie. 



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