Avatar: Kuvira Doesn’t Deserve a Redemption Arc – Zaheer Does


Kuvira, the iconic villain of the latest Avatar series, the Legend of Korra, was one of the main focus of the comic book written by Michael DiMartino and drawn by Michelle Wong. In this comic, we see a great arc in her character as she starts realizing the pain she has inflicted upon the people. By the end, she accepts to be under house arrest with the wish of making amends. 

This is a nice way of showing how people change but was it believable? We don’t think so. The whole change was rushed and we know that Kuvira’s reasoning skills were never on point. That’s the main reason why she became a tyrant dictator in the first place.

We see the real motive of her way of handling the kingdom which is a broken childhood as expected. She was abandoned by her parents when she was little so when she found the people left without a leader as the Earth Queen died, it reminded her of herself as a child. That became the main reason for her to turn into the strict parental figure she longed for as a child. But we saw how she never was the “parent” she aimed to be and ended up scarring too many lives.

If there was ever a villain who deserves such a redemption arc, it certainly is Zaheer. Though he killed the Earth Queen to implement anarchy, which he thought was the best, he later realized his error and helped Korra meditate into the spirit world by helping her let go of her fear of “what might have been”.

Though he played such a vital role in the victory of the good, we never saw how he ended up and if he got any closure at all. He definitely deserves what Kuvira got more than her.

We hope you like our take on Avatar!

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