Avatar: What Happened To Azula After The Last Airbender Ended


Hello Fans! Are your follower storyline of Avatar? Considering that, we are certain, Avatar: The Last AirBender, American animated TV series following the life of a boy who is trapped in ice for about the 100 years must have won your heart.

So far, you must be aware that the boy wakes up later to find out that he has the once in a generation power to control all the elements and he is the only person left in his clan of people who could control.

Furthermore, the main lead character Azula have undergone lot developments throughout the story

Azula is the daughter of Ozai and Ursa of the Fire Kingdom, raised alone by her father Ozai and never had a mother figure. 

She always had to be nothing but the best in order to just win her father’s affection.Though she was a brilliant person with the most remarkable ability to manipulate fire, she had a very unstable mind. With her sadistic and obsessive approach to life, she never felt settled.

When Zuko, her brother joined Team Avatar, Azula did not take it well. But she always thought that her mother liked Zuko better and she could never be the Fire Lord. But later she joins her brother and helps Team Avatar only to leave them at the end.

At last, in the finale, she is crowned the Fire Lord.

It is impossible for you to have missed the series if you were a kid when the series premiered (between 2005 and 2008). And during this world-wide quarantine, it seems that everyone else has rediscovered this show which can now be streamed on NETFLIX if you’re living in the USA (or if you have VPN).

What do you think so far about this show? Do let us know!

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