Avengers endgame director Anthony Russo reveals the most liberating aspect of working on the film

Courtesy: Cinema Blend

Avengers endgame is undoubtedly going to be very sad for the audience. Although it is not the end of the Avengers series but this is definitely going to be the last time for the fans to see their favourite heroes on the big screen. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that This is the last film someone would work on together for a long time of 10 years. 

It has left an emotional  Upon its fans. Even the director of the film concluded that he experienced a liberating aspect after creating an end game. The writers also hold the same view.

By the time the directors started working on endgame they had already accompanied each other in a number of Avengers movies earlier. This had helped them to build a strong connection with each other. 

This is a big advantage for them. By the end, the director Anthony Russo was spotted saying that he is really satisfied to wrap up their story without having any kind of future tensions.

All the different characters have performed exceptionally well throughout the movie. This is the reason why it is sad to know there is no certainty to see the same superheroes again in the future. all the characters outperform their roles thereby winning everyone’s heart. 

As it was the continuation of the earlier series directors too had to look back as well as forward. They had to bring different angle’s and also had to consider various backstories to take the story forward.

Courtesy: Cinema Blend

The huge success of Marvel had somewhat created a pressure to make the film better than the previous one. Finally, the directors were relieved when The Avengers end game proved to be more successful then Infinity war.

In the end, as an audience, one can definitely experience a bittersweet kind of feeling. although it is liberating for the director but It is a little sad for the audience because they won’t be able to see the heroes again.

 But on the optimistic side, every end has a new beginning. The same is the case with MCU where the audience can expect to see the superheroes once again. Stay connected! For more updates.


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