Avengers: Endgame Directors Say It’s Not The Endgame For Movie Theaters

Courtesy: CinemaBlend

After the pandemic scenario, we have seen huge delays on the film’s release date and also production delay. It’s also true that some movies are still missing a release date. Now, seeing such delays and late schedules we can say that it somewhat seems films planning to hit theatres are more steadily. 

However, this steady release is probably inspired by the boost at the box office seen last Christmas. Cinema fans and movie Directors are hoping the film industry isn’t dead and soon will get back on track. At the same time Joe Russo, Avengers: Endgame director is pretty sure with his words confirming this is not what we say the end for theatres.

Russo Brothers are well-known for their amazing storyline and science fiction concepts listing themselves in the top directing pair in the game. They are still at work and having a few major Marvel films project under their belt. 

Their MCU films and amazing storylines were proven to give huge hits at the box office across the world. And something that would be pushing their future projects forward is undoubtedly bringing theatres back on track. 

Joe Russo in his statement added with a positive note that the future of movie theatres is not going to end here, and also adding that he has a strong belief that they will surely swing back hard at any time. 

In the same interview- Good Morning America, Joe Russo also added that his hopes are not going to reduce in any case and he is pretty sure that he will be able to see his upcoming movies on the big screen very soon. Also, there will be people reacting and appreciating his movies in the theatres same as before the pandemic struck.

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As per the COVID-19 update cases are not getting in control with vaccination going on all around the globe, this may foreshadow good news to come for movie theatres in the United States and also in the other countries. However, this win might not account for the Chinese box offices so early as they are facing issues with pandemic on a superior level. 

This is all we know from the Endgame director confirming it’s not the Endgame for movie theatres, did you liked our report? How will we know? Just share your valuable feedbacks and question with us to bring more interesting reads in the future.


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