Avengers: How Spider-Man REALLY Joined the Marvel Team


In recent years, since the formation of MCU, Marvel made it a point to actively engage Spiderman with the avengers before he even joined them. Now, it has become impossible for anyone to imagine Peter Parker not collaborating with the Avengers. But this rapport between Spiderman and the Avengers did not always exist.

Why was he not an Avenger?

Early on in the comics, Spiderman was portrayed as a lonely outcast who did not completely earn the public’s trust. And Daily Bugle definitely didn’t help his image. Though he repeatedly helped the general public, many still found him untrustworthy.

This is the main reason why the superheroes were not very keen about letting Peter Parker join the Avengers, who had the public’s greatest trust. Making Peter an Avenger would not have settled well with the public.

Also, Spiderman has a very secretive image and is very particular about it. This is not a trait that would please the public as they deserve to know the avenger who is responsible for their safety.

How did Peter finally join them?

His secret identity is eventually used against him when an artificial Spiderman robot was designed to infiltrate the Avengers headquarters. Peter Parker eventually intervenes at the right time and saves the day, finally making it to the Avengers team.

Over time he does fall apart and joins the outlaws from the Avengers led by Luke Cage. This once again makes the public question his credibility as a superhero. He becomes a legit Avenger with the upcoming Civil War though.

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