Away: First Official Trailer Available on Netflix. Plot Revealed!

Away Mars' Science fiction series Trailer

Are you a science fiction lover? Do you enjoy watching space travel movies and TV shows? Then we have a perfect show for you! From Lost in Space to The Umbrella Academy, and Another Life Netflix has launched various shows. And now, they are soon going to release ‘Away’, which is a forthcoming web series, created by Andrew Hinderaker.

Away series Cast:

Away series will introduce various popular actors and actresses in season 1. Hilary Swank will play the main role of Emma Green, who is a commander of a spaceship and leads the mission to Mars along with her international team. Other casts of the show are Ato Essandoh as Kweso and Mark Ivanir as Misha. Apart from that, Vivian Wu, Ray Panthaki, Josh Charles, as well as Talitha Bateman would be the part of this web series.

Away Mars’ Science fiction series Trailer:

Recently, Netflix dropped the first trailer of the Away series on July 7, 2020. However, the teaser only introduced the main protagonist that is Oscar winner Hilary Swank, who plays the main role. It didn’t reveal much about the plot, either. However, we can speculate the story of this science fiction series to center around the astronaut. You can check out the 43 seconds trailer below.

The short teaser starts with the camera zoomed on Hilary Swank’s (Emma Green). She is seen floating inside a spaceship. Her teary eyes are focused on a photograph that shows her husband (Josh Charles) and teenage daughter (Talitha Bateman). A tear escapes her eyes, and she loses hold of the photo from her hand. At the same time, the camera moves towards the spaceship’s window that reveals the distant view of earth from the spacecraft.

Plot of the Away Series

Netflix’s new Mars sci-fi series will be set in the future where a team of elite astronauts is sent to Mars. The crew is assembled from various countries like Russia, the United States, India, Great Britain, and China. Moreover, they have to stay away from their home planet and complete their high-stake mission within three years.

The show will focus on how this team tries to survive in space during this period. There will be sacrifice, love, and many other serious situations in the story. It will also show their struggle to stay alive and complete their mission. Moreover, they will have to keep their emotions aside and stay on the right path because everyone’s eyes will be on their every move. 

Release Date and other details about Away series

The show is executive produced by showrunner Jessica Goldberg, Matt Reeves, Edward Zwick, Jeni Mulein, Katims, Andrew Hinderaker, Swank, and Adam Kassan. Besides, creators revealed that the first season would have ten episodes. Additionally, they also revealed that each episode would be written by different writers.

In June 2018, the creators began the production of the series. However, they haven’t revealed any other updates about the debut season so far. On July 7, 2020, they announced the official launch date of this Mars sci-fi series. So, Away Season 1 will release on September 4, 2020, on Netflix.

There are still two months left for it to premiere, so till then, you can enjoy other science fiction and fantasy series on Netflix. Also, keep checking back with us to find out more about the Away Season 1.


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