Away: Travelling in space, Are You Ready?


Hi Fans! Welcome Back. Here’s a news that would excite all the Netflix audiences, the leading platform of online streaming is coming up with a new Sci-Fi drama “Away”. 

Yes the ongoing pandemic has created a havoc for all the sectors in the world .In the times of crisis, when everyone is bound to stay home without any choice to go out for anything like movies etc, people have no other option but to watch their favorite shows online and even the online platforms are keeping their audiences completely engaged by releasing new shows and series.

One of them is Away, ”Away” is an American Science fiction drama Web Television series, created by Andrew Hinderaker. 

The series is inspired by Esquire Article of the same name by Chris Jones and the producers are Jason Katims, Matt Reeves and Adam Kassan. Now let’s look into the insights of the show:

Away: Travelling in space, Are You Ready?

About Release

As it is a new show premiering on Netflix which is due for release, so we are certain that you must be eager to know when it is releasing. 

Well! the show is going to be released on 4th September, 2020 on Netflix. 

We are hoping it brings a relief to the fans who has been waiting for so long for the show to launch as the pandemic hasn’t affected the drama and everything is going as per schedule. 

The show will be a 10 long episode story. The series announcement was made on 7th July, 2020 and same day a teaser trailer was also released on YouTube, to watch check the link ,

soon we will get to see a specific trailer as well.

About Cast

As per the sources, the scientific drama will be featuring the stars like Emma Green as Hilary Swank in the lead Role, Alexis Logan as Talitha Eliana Bateman, Matt as Josh Charles in the starring Role, Misha as Mark Ivanir among few other cast who will take us into the world of space. Apart from these stars, no official information is provided by makers regarding any other cast. 

We certainly have no issues with the casting as long as they play their roles well and keep the viewers engaged.

About Plot

If the sources are to be believed the story looks quite interesting and it is surely going to give you all a feeling as if you are in a space and alongside you will get to explore the red planet. 

The story is about an astronaut who has been selected for a yearlong space trip alongwith the space crew so she will have to leave behind her family, her near and dear ones as she very well knows it’s going to be a one way trip. 

The show is about hope and humanity and is going to teach how we need the support of our loving ones if we want to achieve anything.

So guys be ready with your popcorn and drinks to chill with Netflix when the show premieres as you must be excited to explore this science fiction .The countdown begins…..Tik Tok Tik Tok

Stay tuned to know more about such interesting updates.

Thank You all and Stay Safe.

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