Ayyappan Kozhiyum Movie Isaimini 2021 Reviews And Cast

Ayyappan Kozhiyum Movie Isaimini 2021 Reviews And Cast
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Sachy wrote and directed Ayyappanum Koshiyum (Ayyappan and Koshi), a 2020 Indian Malayalam-language action drama film. Ranjith and P. M. Sasidharan produced it through their firm Gold Coin Motion Picture Company. Prithviraj Sukumaran and Biju Menon feature in the film. The rivalry between Koshy Kurien, an important and rich ex-Havildar, and Ayyappan Nair, a Sub-inspector in Attappadi, is the focus of the narrative. Jakes Bejoy supplied the music for the event.

From October to December 2019, principal photography was conducted. On February 7, 2020, Ayyappanum Koshiyum was published. The film received generally good reviews from reviewers and was a box office triumph. As of March 2021, a Telugu adaptation of the film is in the works.

Ayyappanum Koshiyum is the writer-turned-director Sachy’s second feature film, following Anarkali (2015), which starred Prithviraj Sukumaran and Biju Menon. The film was written by Sachy and produced by film director and long-time friend Ranjith, together with P. M. Sasidharan, under the banner of Gold Coin Motion Picture Company. The film’s concept began as a narrative about Koshi’s connection with his driver, and Sachy had two real-life acquaintances who looked like them, a jewellery owner and his driver. Later, a police sub-inspector was added to the narrative, giving the novel its current shape.

In their most recent collaboration, Anarkali, Prithviraj played the lead and Menon played a supporting part. Sachy wanted to emphasise that both Prithviraj and Menon are equally important in the plot, therefore the film was named Ayyappanum Koshiyum. While scripting, Sachy had no idea who he wanted to play the two major parts. Their casting was completed after the screenplay was completed. Principal photography commenced in Attappadi, Palakkad district, in early October 2019. It was finished in early December of this year. In November, Menon sustained burns on his hands and legs while filming.

It made US$36,253 (Rs. 25.88 lakh) from 27 screens in the United States, US$3,562 (Rs. 2.5 lakh) from 7 screens in Canada, and A$24,227 (Rs. 11.65 lakh) from 7 screens in Australia in its foreign debut weekend. It earned US$87,791 (Rs. 65.03 lakh) in five weeks, $47,689 (Rs. 23.04 lakh) in four weeks in Australia, NZ$28,012 (Rs. 12.71 lakh) in three weeks in New Zealand, US$22,400 (Rs. 16.17 lakh) in three weeks in Canada, and £48,267 (Rs. 44.74 lakh) in two weeks in the United Kingdom. Ayyappanum Koshiyum made 520 million dollars worldwide throughout its run.

Ayyappan Kozhiyum Movie Isaimini 2021 Reviews And Cast
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Ayyappanum Koshiyum – Cast

  •         Prithviraj Sukumaran as Koshy Kurien
  •         Biju Menon as SI Ayyappan Nair
  •         Anil Nedumangad as CI Satheesh Kumar
  •         Gowri Nandha as Kannamma, Ayyappan’s Wife
  •         Ranjith as Kurien John, Koshy’s Father
  •         Ramesh Kottayam as Kumaran, Koshy’s Driver
  •         Anu Mohan as CPO Sujith
  •         Anna Rajan as Ruby, Koshy’s Wife
  •         Dhanya Ananya as Constable Jessy
  •         Aji John as Ummen
  •         Nandu Anand as Joby
  •         Sabumon Abdusamad as Kuttamani
  •         Alancier Ley Lopez as MLA K. C. George
  •         Pazhani Swami as Excise Sub Inspector Faisal
  •         Deepu G Panicker as CPO Sumesh
  •         Johny Antony as Himself
  •         Shaju Sreedhar as Jeokuttan
  •         Saleesh N. Sankaran as DYSP Cheriyan George
  •         Benzi Mathews as Advocate Rahim
  •         Renith Elamadu as Member
  •         Vinod Thomas as Sebastian
  •         Muhammad Musthafa

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Ayyappan Kozhiyum Movie Isaimini 2021 Reviews And Cast
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Ayyappan Kozhiyum Movie Isaimini 2021 Reviews And Cast
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