Babylon Berlin: the ultimate thrill

Babylon Berlin: the ultimate thrill

Guys, it has been days since I have added some thrill to all your lives. So today I thought why not put forward some chilling thrilling updates.

Yes, today the update is all about the German thriller series, Babylon Berlin, which is getting back to our hall rooms with its fourth season.


Written and directed by Tom Tykwer, Achim Von Berries, and Hendrik Handloegten based on novels by author Volker Kutscher, the series is set in Berlin during the times of the Weimar Republic.

The storyline shows a police inspector from Cologne busy on a secret mission. In the fourth season, he is transferred from Cologne to Berlin, where there occurs a politico-social change in the Golden 20s.

He finds a dangerous web of intrigue while looking for one of Berlin’s extensive pornography rings, as he moves forward, he is exposed to more grave conspiracies and things become worse when there happens a train hijack by Soviet rebels.

Critics are of the view that this show has every element of interest which will keep the audiences engaged and entertained.


The shooting for the series was to start in June but as we all are aware, the virus successfully ruined that. Therefore, production has now been dill aid ensuring the safety of the cast and crew.

As known, there has been a Netflix renewal off the show, there are no official updates about its release but fans expect it to come by early next year.

Volker Bruch, Jones Harzer, Jordis Triebel, Thomas Thieme, and Benno Fuhrmann will continue as a team to keep us thrilled. Also, there’s a lot of drama in store for fans and no causes of disappointment.

So, let’s wish the team a speedy release and all the successes. Ending today’s chitchat on a thrilling note! 


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